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Spanje, del Prado Museum Madrid

Nedap Iberia S.A.

Nedap protects the Museo del Prado´s library collection

The Museo del Prado in Madrid is Spain's largest and most famous art museum. Set in one of Madrid's most attractive districts in the wide, leafy Paseo del Prado, the museum is a magnificent building.

The Museo del Prado has a specialised library which researchers can use free of charge. The library has 45.196 volumes, and around 66 magazine titles and over 50 studying points. Loans are not permitted, and researchers who want to use this facility are required to send a letter of application prior to their visit, stating the dates they would like to use the library, why they wish to do so and the subject of their research.

The library has installed a modern radiofrequency system (RFID) for identification and protection. This system from Nedap guarantees the security and control of all items using an advanced technology.

The librarians use the staff stations and antennas to control the reading room for external personnel using a management system.

One of the best advantages of RFID is for the Museum workers as they can use the library at any time. They use the check in/check out system of Nedap to loan and return the items. This way the librarians know who has a book and prevent the loss.

Every day there are more and more libraries that use RFID technology from Nedap because it combines the safety and the control with the management of the collection.


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Nedap Library Solutions is een afdeling binnen Nedap N.V. die zich richt op het leveren van innovatieve RFID bibliotheek-oplossingen.

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