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About us

About us

At Nedap we believe that libraries need to maintain their relevance in society. Nevertheless, libraries are currently experiencing upheaval, due to a generation of young internet users, social changes and budget cuts. With our portfolio we help libraries in this quest by eliminating repetitive tasks, reducing costs and improving service levels.

Nedap is not just about technology. We are about providing you with innovative products that work. For you. We create a better user experience and work environment. Help you to enhance your logistics and help you control and monitor what is going on in your library. We go beyond the book.

Reduce costs

RFID helps libraries to maintain their relevance in society with limited resources. Repetitive tasks can be eliminated, costs reduced and the level of service improved. Consequently, libraries can stay open longer with fewer resources, because staff can be utilized more effectively. In some cases, libraries can even operate without any personnel or at a remote location, so even though resources may be limited, patrons maintain access to library services. Because of what we believe, we are the only company in the world that produces RFID hardware and software just for libraries. Through our partner network we offer products and services that are compatible with international standards which allows libraries to remain supplier independent on the long-run and enables them to work with other libraries and systems in the short run.

Where can you find us

Nowadays, we serve a wide international customer base which range from University Libraries such as Cambridge (UK), Leiden (Netherlands), Zayed University (UAE), Baltimore (USA) to public libraries such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hannover, Milan, Paris and Madrid.

How can we help you?

About us

Nedap Library Solutions is a division within Nedap that focusses entirely on delivering innovative RFID technology for libraries worldwide.

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Find the perfect RFID solution for your library:

  1. Item Identification
  2. Staff Solutions
  3. Patron Solutions
  4. Intelligent Shelving

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