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A great self service experience

The Nedap self service solutions of Nedap are fast and easy to use. Due to the user-friendly touchscreen and step-by-step instructions, everybody is able to borrow library items at their wish. The system processes books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Next to that, it provides remote service and support if required.

Check-in and check-out

The Librix self service station can function as a check-in, a check-out or combi station. This way you can facilitate the whole lend and return process with just one station.

Your own design

If you or your architects have special needs regarding the design of your library self service stations, you can build the Librix RFID technology into your custom designed furniture.

Central configuration

For libraries with multiple installations, all our systems can be centrally configured and monitored by you and your staff. So you can control and see what is going on in your library from the back of your seat. Moreover, the Librix self service equipment is fully compatible with Librix Online.

Patron cards

Even if your library is using a barcode, magnetic, RFID or mifare library member card, you can work with our RFID equipment. The Librix Self Service Station is compatible with all these types of library cards.


All the Librix RFID self service stations are equipped with industrial, care-free electronics of the highest standards. Additionally, all the equipment is tested on-site at Nedap in the Netherlands by our specialized production teams, to ensure that all the equipment you receive are fully functional and up to the highest standards.

  • Hardware

    User interface:



    Industrial PC

    Connections to PC:

    USB, Lan, VGA, Serial, Audio


    Nedap Proximity Reader




    13,56 MHz

    EAS function:

    Yes, EAS-bits and/or AFI

    Patron identification:

    Standard: Barcode card reader or RFID/Mifare card reader

    Librix Sofware

    BiblioCheck4 Selfservice - BiblioCheck NEXT

    • Simple user interface
    • Robust; use of industrial electronics
    • Easy to use; step-by-step instructions
    • Fast check-out of more items at once
    • Build the RFID technology into your own furniture
    • Multiple languages available

  • Verbuchungsstationen für Bibliothekare
    Verbuchungsstationen für Bibliothekare
  • Selbstverbucherstation
  • Intelligente Rücknahmeregale
    Intelligente Rücknahmeregale
  • Librix Online
    Librix Online
  • RFID Booster-Etiketten
    RFID Booster-Etiketten
  • EcoReader
  • BiblioCheck 6
    BiblioCheck 6
  • Libassist Handscanner
    Libassist Handscanner
  • MidRanger
  • SelfServer
  • PG45i
  • PG45
  • PG50

Über uns

Nedap Library Solutions ist eine Abteilung innerhalb Nedap und der größte Anbieter von Intelligenten RFID-Lösungen für den Bibliothekssector.

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