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Belgium, Port House Antwerp

The Port House in Antwerp will use Nedap’s library solutions to manage her port documents. The Port House in Antwerp represents the biggest port of Belgium. The beautiful building - that was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects - is the daily workplace for 500 employees and a meeting place for the many international contacts of the Antwerp port community. The Port House accommodates a collection of documents that include 4500 books, 70 magazines, studies, year reports and dissertations. All these documents are to be secured in a modern and reliable way.

Beautiful devices in a beautiful Port House

For the security of her port documents the Port House chose to use Nedap’s modern library solutions. The library technology allows the documents to be detected wirelessly and invisible through RFID technology. The transparent PG50 detection gates at every entrance check if a document leaves the Port House unseen. The detection gates have a unique, Plexiglas design that fits the beautiful interior of the Port House.

“We are very glad the Port House chose to use our Nedap technology. In Belgium we have shown we are not just capable of providing public libraries of modern and reliable library solutions, but big institutions like the European Committee and the Embassy of South-Korea too”, says Bart Ollevier of Bibliotheca; an integrator for Nedap Library Solutions.

Nedap in the Port House for parking and security as well

Besides library solutions of Nedap, the Port House in Antwerp also chose for security and parking solutions of Nedap. Almost 400 doors in the port are secured by the AEOS system of Nedap and the underground parking lot continuously monitors which parking spots are available.

“The combined Nedap systems offer a complete solution that meets all requirements of the Havenhuis. The possibilities of these systems have a lot of potential for the port in the future,” says Marc De Caluwé, network engineer at the Port Of Antwerp.


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