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Let's introduce our latest partners in Africa, Europe and the Americas

Let's introduce our latest partners in Africa, Europe and the Americas

El Lunes, 09 Octubre 2017.

Since our last partner announcement Nedap Library Solutions has proudly acquired numerous new partners. Our certified partners are able to offer and implement the latest RFID solutions in your library, according to the highest standards. In this article we will highlight a few of those partners for you.

Africa: Globusiss, Harmony Technology and Justech

The demand for library solutions in Africa is on the rise. To meet this demand, we have decided to establish a partnership with 3 partners in Africa. Globusiss is based in Zambia and able to serve southern African countries. Harmony Technology will be happy to assist you in Morocco, whilst Justech will integrate your RFID solutions in Tunisia.

Europe: EliDOC, Piperaris, Tenzor

Nedap has intensified its European partner network with three new partners. With EliDOC in Greece, Piperaris in Cyprus and Tenzor in Albania, Serbia and Slovenia we hope to serve our libraries in the southeast Europe even better.

North America: iMotion

Next to the European and African markets we also see an increasing demand of our library products in North America. We are pleased to mention that the Canadian iMotion Security has included Nedap products in their portfolio. iMotion is an established system integrator in Canada with offices in Montreal and Toronto.

Latin America: TAS

In Latin America we welcome our partner TAS Seguridad from Costa Rica. TAS Seguridad is active in a large part of Latin America, with offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Don't hesitate to contact us or TAS Seguridad directly with any questions regarding RFID solutions for libraries.

Middle East: G4S Security Technologies

In the Middle East we welcome our most recent partner: G4S. Nedap will supply a specific G4S department in Israel that focusses on automating libraries with RFID solutions. G4S is excited to help you with all your questions and requirements in Israel.

For more information about the RFID solutions for libraries that our Nedap partners provide, have a look at our product page.

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