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Nedap Library Solutions - LibAssist Handheld Reader
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LibAssist Handheld Reader

Wireless inventory and items search

The LibAssist Handheld Reader consists of an RFID reader which communicates over a wireless connection (wifi/usb/bluetooth). The LibAssist’s software has three main functions: inventory, search and weed. The software on the LibAssist Handheld Reader controls the RFID reader and scans for new labels.


In inventory mode every scanned RFID label is stored into a list and stored to a file, that can be exported to a Windows® PC with the software that accompanies the LibAssist Handheld Reader.


In search mode a file with a list of items is exported from the PC and loaded into the LibAssist Handheld Reader. The software scans the RFID reader and searches for an item that matches one of the items in the list. When such an item is found, it is marked on the list, and/or an audible alarm will sound.


With the weed function it is possible to search for books that do not belong in a certain part of the library. In the LibAssist Handheld Reader you place a list with books that you want to look for in a part of the library. The software scans the RFID reader and searches. When an item is read, that is not in the list, an alarm will sound.


The LibAssist Handheld Reader is battery operated and has future-proof, backwards-compatible design. The weight is less then 1kg. Due to form and weight employees are not ergonomically stressed.

  • Physical specifications

    Dimensions (mm):

    Ca. 340 x 105 x 265 (LxWxH)


    Polyurethane 8051


    RAL 7015 Grey


    Ca. 750 g.


     - HF RFID


     - Barcoding


     - 2D coding


    Desktop charging cradle with USB connection



    • Easy to use
    • Ergonomic design / light weight
    • Audio alarm
    • Large, clear and sharp colour display
    • Antenna with position adjustment
    • Uses all communication standards such as WLAN, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB & Ethernet