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Librix Online

Clear Library Workflows

With the online monitoring tool Librix Online you now have exact information on everything that is happening in your library. Besides the information on how many patrons have visited your library, you can also have insight into the performance of your RFID equipment. Moreover, you can easily export statistical data to for example make comparisons between several periods and help you with your periodical reports.

Easy to use

The front-end of Librix Online is a website. This means that you don’t need to install any software on your computer to use it. Therefore, getting started is easy as 1-2-3. You receive a username and password. On any omputer, you go to and you are in business. On top of that we continually improve Librix Online by fine-tuning and adding features. Because of the fact that it is a website, no local updates are needed. You are always up to date.

Monitor your library

With Librix Online you have the exact information on everything that is happening in your library. When a device is performing outside a set of restrictions, you are notified. Moreover, Librix Online immediately provides possible solutions for problems that occur. We also keep an eye on your connection with your Library Management System. When the communication speed to and from the LMS decreases, you are notified.

No additional investments

Librix Online allows you to analyze customer behavior. It shows you which devices are actively used. It also shows you what customers are doing on these devices. This way, before investing in extra self-service equipment, you might find that moving a device that is hardly used to a ‘hot-spot’in your library, will solve your capacity problems.

Service calls

Librix Online can be used to place service calls. The patron clicks on a device in Librix Online that he has a request about and adds any additional information he wants to share. The local Nedap Librix partner will receive an email and can check the device’s status in Librix Online as well. The clear manner in which Librix Online reports any problems that occur on the equipment, will speed up problem shooting and will help to clear problems in no-time.

  • Physical specifications


    Supported devices:

    Selfserivce Stations

      Librix Security Gates, customer counting

    Intelligent Return Shelving


    Librix Sorting Solutions


    Smallest Branch

    Tested browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer >=7, Safari

    HTTP connection allowed from device to external site


    BiblioCheck version >=

    Monitoring messages

    Lost contact:

    This messge occurs when a device does not report in.

    Contact restored:

    This messages occurs when someting is reported and the device in in a 'contact lost' state.

    Security enable / disable failed on (%) of items:

    This message occurs when more than 10% of the items needed to be offered more than 3 times in one day.

    Security enable / disable retries on (%) of items:

    This message occurs when more than 10% of the items needed to be offered more than 3 times in one day.

    Time-outs on a % of check-in / check-out sessions:

    This message occurs when more than 10% of the people checking in / out items does not press the 'finish' button.


    1. Customers entering

    2. Customers leaving
    3. Alarms

    4. Network issues at gates

    5. Check-ins / -outs: 6. Items checked-in / -out
    7. Time-outs after check-out / -in 8. Tickets printed for check-out / -in

    9. Number of items on which security failed to (dis)arm

    10. Number of items tried more than once for check-out / -in

    11. Total number of retries on check-out / -in

    12. Number of items renewed
    • Easy to use
    • Analyze customer behavior
    • Tackle problems immediately
    • Available from any location
    • No hardware investment or maintenance required
    • Export statistical data to make comparisons