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About us

Nedap Library Solutions is a division within Nedap that focusses entirely on delivering innovative RFID technology for libraries worldwide.

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Find the perfect RFID solution for your library:

  1. Item Identification
  2. Staff Solutions
  3. Patron Solutions
  4. Intelligent Shelving

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The next generation of detection antennae

Your library’s collection is a valued community investment. Protect your library resources using Nedap's detection antennae. The detection antennae help you protect your items from unintended removal or theft. When someone walks between the antennas with an item that is not checked out properly the gate will light up and an alarm will sound.

The PG45i comes with a built in EcoReader and Customer Counting. This reader comes with a free energy management module, that saves up to 60% in energy consumption on a yearly basis.

Revolutionary 3D detection

The PG45i uses a revolutionary 3D field to detect RFID labels to drastically increase detection rates. The 3D field detects labels from a greater distance and detects labels under a almost any angle. 

Exclude incoming alarms

An alarm will sound every time someone walks through the detection gates with a library item that has not been checked out properly. This happens when someone leaves or enters the library with such an item. With the Nedap's  detection antennae it is possible to exclude incoming alarms. This way there is only an alarm when someone walks out of the library and not when he walks in.

A timeless design

The PG45i was designed to function for decades without a problem. Not only because of the low maintenance hardware, but also because of their timeless look. The Plexiglas will be discreet in any library and look as good as new for 30 years; there's no yellowing with this glass.

Just one device to install

Installing separate readers and antenna's is something of the past with the PG45i. The two are combined in one single gate. Don't hassle with an extensive installation. Place your gates, plug in two different cables and you're all set.

  • Technical specifications

    Dimensions (mm):

    Ca. 428 x 143 x 1665 (LxWxH)


    Metal / Plexiglas


    Ca. 29 kg








    13.56 MHz

    Maximal power:


    EAS function:

    Yes, based on NXP tags' EAS-bit and/or AFI






    13.56 MHz


    ISO 18000-3.1(ISO 15693), NXP Icode SL1

    Certificates: CE, FCC


    • Attractive design
    • Inconspicuous
    • High 3D detection rates
    • Eco friendly
    • Integrated Customer Counting
    • Wider entrances
    • Selective lamp signalization

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Defining the next generation of detection antennae

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