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An All-in-One solution for self service

The SelfServer is an All-in-One solution for libraries, and is used to check-in and check-out library items. The sturdy and timeless design will make it fit into your architect’s design without disturbing the library experience. 

The SelfServer can be placed on any flat surface and just needs a minor software installation to be set up. Thanks to the Nedap plug and play principle, no advanced adjustments or modifications are needed. 

One device for everything

The SelfServer is the easiest first step for libraries to modernize their item handling. With one device you're able to let your staff process books and and provide your patrons with check-in and check-out solutions.


Provided with BiblioCheck 6

Every SelfServer will be shipped with the new BiblioCheck 6. The new software platform guarantees a smooth experience for all your patrons, with a fresh source code and user experience.

Even fits the smallest budgets

We understand it can be a challenge for smaller libraries to seamlessly integrate advanced RFID technology into their existing furniture. For those libraries we developed the easy to install SelfServer. A compact ‘one size fits all’ solution developed to even fit the smallest budgets.

  • Physical specifications

    Article numbers:


    Dimensions (mm):

    Ca. 600 x 400 x 430 (l x w x h)


    Stainless Steel / HIPS / PMMA


    Ca. 10 kg


    Item handling by staff or patrons; check-in / check-out


    Black and brushed stainless steel


    • All-in One solution
    • Small and budget-proof
    • Heavy duty design, made to be used
    • Desktop kiosk
    • Timeless design

Find out more about the SelfServer

A robust yet beautiful device that can do it all.

Download a free brochure and find out more.

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